IDAS Scholarships

Prospective applicants to the International Doctoral Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IDAS) are offered different scholarships by the Taiwan Government and National Chengchi University. These may help cover some of your expenses while studying in Taiwan.

Taiwan Scholarship

Taiwan scholarships cover most of your expenses while studying in Taiwan. In summary, these scholarships:

  1. Covers tuition and credit fees for 2 years for master programs.
  2. Provides a monthly stipend of NT$20,000 to qualified foreign graduate students.

Should you wish to apply for the Taiwan Scholarship, you should apply for it at the Taiwan Trade Representative’s Office or Embassy in your home country. You will need to do so concurrent with your application to the IMAS program.

Many students on Taiwan Scholarships find that they need only a little more, such as for entertainment, visits to home, and travel to conferences.

For the latest information about this scholarship, please visit the Ministry of Education’s website for more details. Please note that students on Taiwan Scholarship are not eligible for receiving other sources of Taiwan government support.

International New Student Scholarship

New incoming international students who are not recipients of other government scholarships such as Taiwan Scholarship are eligible for the Scholarship for New International Students.

For more details on this scholarship, please visit the OIC’s New International Student Scholarship Application Q&A page.

IDAS Scholarship

The purpose of the scholarship is to recognize and reward individuals who have achieved academic excellence. It encourages students to apply to and remain in the IDAS program. The number and amount of awards varies from year to year. We usually give about 5-10 awards each year.

Additionally, our students have also successfully applied to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) for doctoral research expenses and travel awards to international conferences. See the section below for information about Travel Grants for students.

Travel Grants for IDAS Students

IDAS students can also apply for a travel grant from the National Science Council (NSC) if they wish to attend an international conference outside of Taiwan. For more information, you can download this file about the NSC Application Process.