New Students

Welcome on board! The International Doctoral Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IDAS) and the International Master’s Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IMAS) are happy to have you with us.

We have prepared this pages full of resources to make sure that your arrival at National Chengchi University is quick and easy. As a new student there will be number of requirements and procedures you must fulfill to complete your enrollment and start your academic journey.

We want your experience at IDAS and IMAS to be a fulfilling one and are here to help you achieve your goals. Please read through each page in this section with attention and if you still have any questions be sure to get in touch with us. We’ll make this a fun and fruitful time, so be prepared to make new friends and join the big family at NCCU!

Orientation For Incoming Students

If you would like to know more and be very well-prepared before the semester begins, here are some useful web resources from University’s Office of International Cooperation (OIC) for more information.

Course Selection Guide

The course selection is done online using the university’s system. As this online course search engine and online course selection tools might be a little unfamiliar for new incoming students we have prepared a short video and a written guide to simplify the process for you.

Student Housing

National Chengchi University dormitories are a modern and well-equipped affordable housing option for international students. If you choose to live off-campus you will find many options to suit your needs and budget. Please go through this information to help you settle in!

Alien Resident Certificate

All foreigners taking residence in Taiwan must apply for an ARC within 15 days of their arrival in the country. This process is done with the National Immigration Agency and you may do it yourself or ask the university to handle it in your name. Please follow this steps to comply with this requirement.

Work Permit

All students that wish to take jobs while studying in Taiwan must apply for a Work Permit from the Ministry of Labor. Failing to do so could cause you problems and fines. Please verify that you are allowed to take jobs before doing so. Please complete these procedures to apply for a job as student in Taiwan.