About IMAS

IMAS specializes in an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the important aspects of the region. As part of NCCU’s College of Social Sciences, the program utilizes the talent of accomplished English-speaking faculty throughout the campus to enhance the program’s educational goals. As a top university in Asia, NCCU also offers enrichment groups and activities to enhance students’ understanding of Taiwan’s history and culture.

About the Program

IMAS students are required to complete a minimum of 36 credit hours of graduate course work, including 12 credits for required courses and 24 credits for elective courses. The majority of IMAS courses focus on either Taiwan or mainland China and fall under one of three disciplinary tracks: political economy, socio-cultural studies, or cross-strait / international relations. Students can take at most 9 credits outside of the IMAS program. In addition, all students will complete a thesis in their final year.

This program focuses on three aspects:

  1. Political Economy
  2. Socio-cultural Studies
  3. Cross-strait International Relations