About IDAS

IDAS is the first to offer an English-taught doctoral program in Asia-Pacific Studies in Taiwan. The program brings an interdisciplinary understanding of the Asia-Pacific region and offers students courses and research related to many aspects of the region. IDAS consists of four tracks: political economy, international relations, society and culture, and public governance. As a doctoral program dedicated to academic excellence, IDAS focuses on giving students the opportunity to become experts in their field and places an emphasis on the combination of theory and practical research.

About the Program

The program requires you to complete 30 credit hours and a specialization. The courses focus on four main subjects: 

  1. Political Economy
  2. Society and Culture
  3. Public Governance
  4. International Relations.

Our comprehensive, Asia-Pacific Studies program involves:

  • A minimum of 30 credit hours and specialization
  • A Qualifying Exam after coursework
  • Presenting at least one paper at an international conference, or publishing at least one paper (in English) in an academic journal with an anonymous peer-review system
  • A dissertation proposal of original research
  • A dissertation of original research
  • Completing all requirements within 7 years — excluding 2 years for an approved sabbatical