Welcome to NCCU!

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to our programs. The International Doctoral/Master’s Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IDAS/IMAS) at National Chengchi University is the first of its kind in Taiwan; it is fully taught in English, and offers an interdisciplinary approach to the understanding of Asia-Pacific region. The program focuses on research and teaching and places an emphasis on the combination of theory and practice. Students in IDAS/IMAS can choose from a wide range of classes, some offered by us, and other classes, also offered in English, by other departments at NCCU.

     The majority of the IDAS/IMAS faculty are affiliated with departments and graduate institutes of the College of Social Sciences and the Institute of International Relations. National Chengchi University is Taiwan’s pre-eminent university in the realm of social sciences and humanities. IDAS/IMAS is supported by the best faculty members and research fellows of the realm. The specializations of the IDAS/IMAS faculty cover, among others, anthropology and ethnology, economics and public finance, developmental studies, international relations and security, labor relations, political science, public administration, policy analysis, sociology, and social welfare – a very broad range indeed.

     Beginning Fall 2011, we expanded the IDAS curriculum! We now offer four tracks (concentrations) from which students can choose courses: (1) political economy, (2) society and culture, (3) public governance and public policy, and (4) international relations. Students can mix and match courses to deepen their understanding of many and various issues related to the Asia-Pacific region. The new track structure will indeed provide students with enhanced opportunities for meeting their educational, research and professional needs, and take even better advantage of the expertise of our renown faculty.

    We believe that IDAS/IMAS, with its goal of helping student to better understand Asia and its important role in global affairs, is a strong and growing graduate program. For more details, you are strongly encouraged to check out our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us  at   and   . You can reach both at +886-2-2938-7421. Please be sure to check out the many links on our website. NCCU and Taiwan have much to offer you.


Ping-Yin Kuan, PhD

Director, IDAS Program

Mei-Chuan Wei, PhD

Director, IMAS Program