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Ms. Austin Wei and () handle most questions concerning the IDAS and IMAS programs, such as the application process, as well as interacing with other NCCU offices. They are also your counselors in your programs.

Moreover, Dr.Ping-Yin Kuan and Dr.Mei-Chuan Wei are more than happy to talk with you about any academic matters. All of us can be reached through the email addresses and phone numbers below.

For questions about the international student application process, you may want to contact Ms.Carol Chi at the NCCU Office of International Cooperation (OIC). Her contact details can also be found below.

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IDAS Department

Program Director: Dr. Ping-Yin Kuan
Program Staff: Ms. Austen Wei

IMAS Department

Program Director: Dr. Mei-Chuan Wei
Program Staff:

IDAS and IMAS e-mail


nccu office of international cooperation


Phone: +886-2-2939-3091 Ext. 62058