Why should you choose IDAS/IMAS?

  • Flexible curriculum to maximize student interests
  • Interdisciplinary approach with four tracks
  • Participation from top faculty in  international relations, communications,  political science, economics, sociology, public administration, anthropology
  • Faculty competent in local and international perspectives
  • All courses taught in English
  • Opportunities for studying abroad (NCCU has more than 360 partner universities)
  • Balance of area studies and research skills for Ph.D. students
  • Prepares students for leadership
  • Opportunities for international conference attendance
  • Opportunities for writing papers and getting published
  • Scholarship and financial aid opportunities available.

Why should you choose NCCU?

  • Strength in social sciences, business, law, communication, language, education.
  • NCCU is one of Asia’s top social sciences universities, with 4-star QS rating
  • About 16,000 students
  • About 1,000 international students
  • Dedicated English-language support staff
  • Nearly 70% of the faculty with Ph.D.s from the U.S. or Europe
  • New international student I-house
  • Committed to internationalization
  • Located just 15 minutes from Taipei, yet in a mountain setting
  • Top rated language center for learning Mandarin
  • Affordable tuition and cost of living
  • Taiwan Scholarship covers all or most of your tuition &  living expenses
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  • Located in the heart of Asia

Why should you choose Taiwan?

  • Located in center of Asia-Pacific region — easy to travel around Asia
  • An open society in which students can easily blend with friendly local people
  • Taiwan is a modern and advanced country
  • Taiwan provides an authentic, traditional Chinese culture
  • Many things to do in Taipei and Taiwan
  • Taiwan and Taipei have excellent personal safety records
  • Taiwan is democratic
  • Excellent health care and other services